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I currently reside Bozeman, Montana where, between long stints at the computer, I enjoy fly fishing, running, and skiing.  I am currently employed as a Solutions Consultant at commonFont, a Bozeman based technology company dedicated to helping businesses understand and optimize their customer experience.

By training I am a chemist but my true passion lies with data driven decision making.  Prior to seeking my data obsession full time, I served as an Infantry Officer in the US Army.  During my time in the Army I observed impressive feats of human spirit and unwavering commitment to a collective purpose. These observations honed my focus and challenged me to vigorously seek improvement in how I do business.  Of course this included mental and physical capacities, but, most frequently, I found the largest opportunity for excellence resided in the operational realm.  When asking the tough questions on areas of improvement, I cyclically found myself arriving at the same conclusion.

Our ability to consume and analyze information to predict and inform decisions was the single greatest lapse and, subsequently, the single greatest opportunity to improve performance.

In pondering ways to close the observed lapse, I began the journey of exploring the broad fields of database design, data science, and data driven decision making that ultimately led to my discovery (and subsequent obsession) with python, SQL, and php as tools of the trade.  My hope is that you will use this site as a starting point in your data explorations and, just maybe, have some fun along the way!

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